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Monday, July 23, 2007
Al Gore Learns What the Rest of Us Know, Writes Book
These blurbs are quoted from an article that I half-read quoting Gore's "Assault on Reason."
  • He fears that the media trigger in people responses that are not ‘modulated by logic, reason, and reflective thought’. He says that a manufacturing of consent has led to the hollowing-out of democracy, which means the ‘public is often persuaded to endorse and applaud policies that are actually harmful to its interests’. Gore writes: ‘Bush would not be able credibly to label a bill that increases air pollution “the clear skies initiative” – or call a bill that increases clear-cutting of national forests “the healthy forests initiative” – unless he was confident that the public was never going to know what these bills actually did.’ From this perspective, public ignorance is actually the foundation for American political life. [I used to believe that the public at large universally read most government legislation... wait, no I didn't]
  • ‘We often make snap judgments based principally on our emotional reactions rather than considering all options rationally and making choices carefully’, says Gore. [Right, I've read Malcolm Gladwell also Mr. Gore]
  • He writes: ‘Many advocacy organisations – progressive as well as conservative – often give the impression that they already have exclusive possession of the truth and merely have to “educate” others about what they already know. Resentment towards this attitude is…one of the many reasons for a resurgence of the traditional anti-intellectual strain in America.’ [What? Who claims exclusive possession of truth?]
I wish I was famous so I could write best-selling books rehashing obvious arguments.


Blogger CharlesPeirce said...

I half read your post, and I think its moral was that I should go to Starbucks, so I did.

5:04 PM  
Blogger Jackscolon said...

At least there was something posted deserving of a half-read, unlike the nothing that it's going to be sandwiched between.

5:07 PM  

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